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It's all about survival, just eliminate the brain.




Harley Monroe grew up in a broken home and managed to protect her sister, Chiyo, from madness by always including her when hanging out with friends.


Lucy Montoya is looking for a way out of her dead-end job and is about to learn how permanent her position is.


Li Xiu Ying thinks it's just another day at her Uncle's restaurant when she is faced to relive horrors her family thought they left behind over a decade ago.


Marissa just wants to get somewhere safe so she can feel supported during a national crisis.


William Abernathy is the head of state in office when the pandemic overwhelms the system and consumes the country.




One event.
One country
Millions of lives at stake.


When a zombie pandemic consumes the nation, some individuals are prepared, others are taken off guard in the deadliest of ways. But one thing is for certain, it's all about survival.


Find out who's connected by six degrees of separation, who's merely connected because of the crisis, and how they all react to one of the most unsettling events in the course of their history in Finding New Haven.


*Cover art by Elise Thornback

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