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Deluxe Edition of PNK KanD Project - Breakout Out Now

In celebration of the new cover for PNK KanD Project Book One Breakout, i rereleased the album with the two singles that I have dropped since the album’s initial release.

This  Deluxe 8 Track EP now features:

✨I’ll B Ur Hero

✨Beast Mode

✨Made It

✨On the Rise (The Elevator Song)



✨Dance in ur Bed

✨Like N’thing

Making Breakout (the EP) was an incredible learning process. It’s hard to believe it’s been a little over a year since the album dropped.

I initially released the album June 2022 and then slowly released lyric and music videos for each song on the EP.

It was a lot 😂

But I’m really proud of it.

There’s never been anything like this before, but I hope lots of other authors are inspired to create their own immersive projects 🥰

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1 Comment

Jill McIntyre
Jill McIntyre
Nov 27, 2023

The music is so much fun! Thank you for having immersive literature! It definitely brought life to Breakout!

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