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A.M. Gilliam

A.M. Gilliam is a romance author who writes contemporary romance novels and is venturing out into the realm of paranormal romance with the series she is currently crafting. Give a warm, EirianWrites welcome to this superhero: a mother, author, entrepreneur AND full-time medical accountant.


      • A.M. Welcome and thank you so much for reaching out. You have a crazy-full plate! How do you balance everything?

    • Lol. To be honest, sometimes I don't. It's hard trying to pursue your dreams while making sure you're taking care of your responsibilities. It's difficult, but I try to prioritize the bigger things and work my way down lol.

      • How long has writing been your passion, and when did you decide to pursue it?

    • I started writing at a really young age, maybe 12, and I fell in love with the creativity of it. The feeling of creating something and seeing it on paper was a refreshing feeling. As an adult, around the age of 20, I started writing but didn't feel the need to publish anything at that point, then I published my first novel Sweet Serenity back in 2017 with Next Century Publishing. But in 2019, they went out of business, giving me the rights to my book. I revised it and published again July of last year as an independent author. Going forward, I will be self-publishing as well.

      • Woah, that's awesome. What was the book about?

    • Sweet Serenity is about finding love through grief and how love can cure anything that ails you. I do have another book that was just released on March 16th [2020] called Redemption.

      • That's super exciting. Is it a part of a series or a standalone? And what is Redemption about?

    • It's a standalone and it's about loving someone through mental illness, as well as second chances. It's a beautiful story of determination and hope.

      • What along your life journey has brought you to the point of writing tales of hope and determination with a love conquers all theme?

    • Because for me, love actually DID conquer all... just in a different way. I suffered from Postpartum Depression after my daughter was born, and anxiety for my whole life... an my love for her and my love for writing gave me the determination I needed to seek help and get myself together. Now, a couple of years later Redemption was born. That book helped me so much while writing it, I will be ever thankful for that.

      • That is so beautiful, thank you for sharing. It takes a lot of courage to want to work through something like that. When did you decide to publish your work, and what was the process like finding a publishing house? I've been ride or die self-publishing, so I've never experienced anything like that.

    • I decided after Sweet Serenity was finished. Something about the story gave me the courage to seek a publisher. Once the final draft was done, I started sending my manuscript to different publishers until one, Next Century, responded. I had some issues with them and then they went out of business so I took that opportunity to self-publish. And so far, I haven't been disappointed yet, lol.

      • Two questions: Had you ever dreamed of being published before that? And what were you able to learn from Next Century before they went out of business? How long were you published with them before they went under.

      • That. Is three questions lol.

    • Yes, I always dreamed of being published but I'd never felt confident enough to seek a publisher until Sweet Serenity. I learned that I always need to keep track of my own best interests, regardless of if I self-publish or not. I also learned to stand up for myself a little, especially in this industry. My contract started with them in February 2017 and ended May 2019, when they went out of business.

      • How were your sales for that period? I think the biggest learning curve for self-publishing is the marketing aspect of things!

    • The sales reports they sen me every month showed sales but I never received any royalties from my books. Not a cent.

      • Oh my goodness, that's kind of awful.

    • Yeah, it was, but I feel like everything happens for a reason. It made me a better writer and business woman because of it.

      • At least it gave you a sense of independence. You came into this knowing that you'd have to work hard and may not get paid.

    • Well, yes! In all honesty, I write because I love to write. Any income I receive from it is a bonus, that helps my family.

      • When do you find time to write in between family and work time?

    • I write at night. I love the feeling of creating something beautiful while the world sleeps.

      • How often are you writing?

    • I try to write everyday. But that doesn't happen often. But at least 2 or 3 times a week.

      • Consistency overall is the most important thing, the fact that you have a weekly routine is awesome.

      • So, as a “love conquers all” author, what words of wisdom can you impart on anyone reading who may be going through tough times themselves?

    • I would tell them, it gets better. No matter what you're dealing with. It will get better. The rain never lasts forever, and just keep pushing to the finish line.

      • A.M, thank you so much for your time and your words. How can our readers stay connected with you and your work?

    • Thank you for your time! My Facebook page is @officiala.m.gilliam. IG: @amgilliam_theauthor and Twitter: @authoramgilliam. If you would like to contact me regarding promotions, interviews, etc. my email is

We hope you enjoyed this interview. Stay connected and reach out.

Until next time, remember that love conquers all!


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