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Miss Debbie



Meet Debbie Reynolds, a woman making the most of the pandemic.


I created B.O.R.E.D Better off Reading Every Day at my after-school and babysitting jobs because even with hundreds of things to play with.. 

My Kids Would say I’m “bored”. 

I would say let’s sit by the “fireplace” and let me read to you.. Once I started reading and acting out the book, their whole demeanor would change.. Then every time they came to after-school they would ask me to read. They called it “storytelling Magic” Because of my dressing and becoming the book. Then Covid hit. They closed our schools.

I was extremely sad and missed my kids so I started reading on my YouTube and then IG and by the time we got back to school, I had read 400 books.


  • 400 books is super impressive! Did you start immediately after the shutdown? And are you back at school now?


    • Thank you I started the program on 1/15/20 at after-school. I started my YouTube on March 11th when Covid closed schools with my 9th Book. I actually re-read all 8 books online to catch everybody up.. I consider  March 11th  the start of the Worldwide in combination with IG.


  • And how has it been received? Were you expecting to expand your reach or just stay connected with your kids?


    • It has been received well. Most of my first friends and subscribed are parents, the kids love that they think I’m talking directly to them.. The parents like that they are getting their reading in.. I just wanted to keep in touch with my kids (35 people) I had no idea others would find it so interesting. I’m just glad to be keeping backs in hands connecting families and making new friends..


  • What are the biggest differences between reading in person and reading to a camera?


    • Seeing the kids' eyes..


  • Awe. I bet!

  • How long have you worked with kids?


    • 5 years. I started to have hours to compliment my daughter's school.. so we could be off together


  • That's amazing! Have you always wanted to work with children?


    • Yes.. I always wanted 3 kids and I only got one!! Due to a failure marriage. So to meant my heart I applied for school jobs which lead me to babysitting which lead me to reading to  B.O.R.E.D. My daughter said everything I’ve done with her lead me to this..

  • Heeheehee. She would know How does being a teacher's assistant compare to baby sitting or being a mother?


    • I give gentle love and listening all around. lots of playtime, firm love and rules at home.. reading for all. I treat all the kids like I would want people to treat my own daughter. I can be friendly with my daughter but I’m not her friend until now she’s gonna be 18 tomorrow. (Interviewed Sept 2020)

  • Ooh happy birthday to her! 

  • How does that make you feel?? 


    • I’m so glad for her.. it’s weird not having a schedule but I welcome the change.. she out finding her way in the world.


  • That's so exciting. What are you goina do with your new time?


    • I have been doing my B.O. R.E.D readings during the time I would drop her at school and spending more time organizing. I realize how much Poetry I used to write so gotta catalog it all. And of course get to know friends like yourself.


  • Are you planning on publishing your poetry?


    • Thanks to your’s in my future.. I have a huge book full that was put away after Highschool

    • Your mom's book made me realize how much I put away.. my feelings came back.


  • What is your poetry about?


    • Love.

    • I thought I knew what love was.


  • So, if you don't mind me asking, what have you learned and what changed along the way? Between back then and now.


    • I learned that love comes in many forms and changes often as well.. I learned to love and forgive and try again.. everyone loves so differently and if you want love will find you.


  • That's so beautiful. I am actually talking to a woman who is married and doesn't really like romance in books so I'm glad to hear your the opposite way. I love love of all kinds. We need it to survive as humans.


    • Just because it didn’t work out doesn’t mean it won’t work out.. there is a lid for every pot.. and life is not short it’s long and surprising.


  • I love that analogy. The lid for the pot.

  • What is the biggest thing you've learned so far from being a mother?


    • That you need to show your children that you love them not just tell them.. they need to know you got it covered and will take care of it. Even if your struggling and wondering how your Gonna do it. Let me worry about it.

    • I am single mother aka mother on her own but I made sure my girl knew.. I would find a way.


  • Golly, 18 years of sole parenthood. How did you survive? I have a good friend who is a sole mama herself, my age with a 3 year old and I think she is so brave and strong for doing this.


    • I left wen she was in 1st grade. My mom babysitting so I could work.. it was hard but communication is key.. her teachers knew so we were in constant communication I worked 2 school jobs and babysitting on weekends.. whenever we were together we did special stuff and she slept in my bed till she left a month ago.


  • Oh my goodness! That's super special. Anyone tell you that you're wonder woman lately?


    • No!! Thank you,, I just keep on trying


  • So what do you see for your future now that she's out there thinking about hers?


    • To expand B.O. R.E.D worldwide. Travel and do it in as many places as possible and roll it out in schools and libraries. Make every Child B.O.R.ED everywhere I go.


  • And what advice do you have for any parent or teacher feeling overwhelmed by the current times in which we live where everything is changing so rapidly?


    • Start with safety, Enter with Love, Add in a lot of Patience, and know that children are looking at you all the time, they are listening some of the time, but they will still love you when this is all over because they know you love them.


  • Miss Debbie! I love you and i really appreciate your time. Do you have any parting words of wisdom before we wrap up? Normally I try to stretch these out but I don't want to water down your amazing insight.


    • Just that it’s been amazing to meet you.. I never thought my sadness and need to stay into with my kids and their day would lead me to so  many awesome people in the writing community.. Keep books in kids hands and love in their hearts and laughter in their voices has been my greatest reward. Thank you for “seeing” me.


  • Absolutely Debbie! I am so grateful that our paths crossed and very glad that being B.O.R.E.D has done you well!

  • How can our readers find you in the vastness of internet space? Lol



  • Thank you again so much for your time. I really love and stand behind what you do!


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