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Kandella Torentillo is better known as her stage persona, PNK KanD.

The Th'aerian artist has been the top female rap artist for over 20 years, and she's finally ready to talk about it.

In what is bound to be the most unforgettable urban fantasy series of the decade, The PNK KanD Project chronicles KanD's life, her music career, and all the things that have come with it, in a unique narrative where the superstar tells Ashley Puttel (Did You Hear About the Prinz Party, Asleep for Days, Flashbacks & Afterglow) in retrospect.

The PNK KanD Project is currently excpected to be 14 books long, and each book will come complete witha link to download the full, original companion album.

That's right, this immersive project comes complete with the PNK KanD music.

The music that all of your favorite EirianWrites characters already love.

Currently, the first novel and companion album are underway as we speak. When Breakout becomes available for pre-order, you can be the first to claim your copy by clicking the button below.

@PNKKanD on Instagram

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