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Sometimes a Throwback Isn't All It's Cracked Up To Be

Keoni is about to turn 24, or 18 for the sixth time, as she likes to say.

Even though she thrives on working hard to build a future, she's never really embraced the responsibility that comes with being an independent woman.


Now, her reluctance to move past the wounds of an abusive adolescence is proving detrimental--both to her mental health, and to the future of her relationship with Rocky.


Rocky knows Keoni's greatest desire is to be loved and understood, and his greatest desire is for her to realize she has both already, with him.


When a birthday wish goes awry, Keoni must relive her high school graduation. Confronted with memories she wishes never happened, she tries to convince herself that she knows what she is doing and has it all handled.


But if she makes different decisions the second time around, it may ruin her future with Rocky. Will she cave to the temptations of love lost? Or can she accept the pain of growing up and embrace the maturity that comes with it to find her way to the brighter future she so desires?

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