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Nicole Patrice Thomas

Nicole Thomas was born in Queens, New York in 1984. She has been married for 10 years and has one daughter and one cat. For her "Outside of church, there is nowhere more refreshing for my soul than curled up in a corner with chocolate and a good book." And that love led into writing. She has always enjoyed reading, her favorite genres being Christian fiction, historical fiction, and fantasy. Tales of Elhaanai, her first novel, is a mystical blending of those genres. Early one morning Nicole heard Alanna's voice as she ran for her life through the mists. That is how Elhaanai was born. She is currently working on the second book in The Elhaanai saga. The second book is written, working on a cover, and scheduled for release February 2021


I had the honor of interviewing Nicole for this week's newsie, and this is her greeting:
Hi, I’m Nicole and I wrote a faith-based fantasy that follows the main character, Alric, as he discovers who he is and who he is destined to become. He is joined by a motley crew of family, friends, and animals as they discover their roles in the kingdom of Elhaanai. If your looking for a fast-paced fantasy that is a cleaner version of Games of Thrones, with all the magic and faith of Narnia and the action of Hunger Games, give book one in the Elhaanai series a try. You can find it on Amazon Kindle Unlimited.


  • How long have you been a writer?

    • I started writing poetry when I was a teen, 36 now lol this is my first book published. I also have a small book of poetry called Facets of a Poetic Soul on Amazon as well.

  • Have you always wanted to be a published author?

    • Yes and no. yes it’s always been a dream to see my name and words in print, but I was also terrified of the response or potentially lack of response. Would people like it, love it, or hate it. I have never liked the spotlight. Also, I had no idea how to go about it, so I just send the finished document to random agents and hope someone loves it as much as I do? Breakthrough came when my mother published her first book, she self-published but used an actual print company for copies. In doing research she saw Amazon KDP and suggested I look into it. It was steamrolling after that.

  • Did you have the fear of putting it out there and it not being received well with self-publishing?

    • Definitely and still do. With traditional publishing, you’ll have industry eyes looking over every detail to make sure it’s formatted correctly, no egregious spelling errors, adequate character development, and world-building, continuity in the storyline. I had a few friends read over it for me but still ended up pulling the book from Amazon for a few days to have a professional re-edit it for me.
      It’s a lot harder than I thought it would be.

  • Tell me about it *eye roll*lol

    • Lol

  • How long had you been working on this particular story?

    • Not long actually, I finished writing it in about 4 weeks. Initial editing another month or so and published in April.
      Pulled for a few days in June I think to be re-edited after several DM’s and reviews commenting on issues

  • What were some of those issues? If you don't mind me asking? And how on earth did you write it in 4 weeks? How long is it?

    • It’s short lol 41k words
      Formatting was the main issue, no page numbers, spelling like their-there-they’re, things that spell check misses, and readers tend to autocorrect in their head unless your paying close attention.
      I have one review actually ripping the book apart and it really hurt. It’s on Amazon and GoodReads, literally 7 paragraphs long.
      It’s hard but it’s part of the process
      Some people don’t like short books, some people want more world-building, more character development. I wrote my story as I felt led to and have to accept that everyone won’t like it.

  • And you made someone feel passionately enough to leave that review! So I would still count it as a win even though it hurt.

    • Lol good way to look at it

  • Is its sister book going to be longer?

    • Only marginally, right now it’s almost 45k. Since I don’t plan to publish for another few months I may add more or not. I don’t want to add words for the sake of adding words. If it doesn’t add to the story it isn’t necessary.
      The end goal was for a trilogy, I’m 5k words in on the last book. After all three are out, I’ll release a special edition with all three in one.
      I’m also working on 2 other books, a children’s picture book, and a stand-alone woman’s fiction

  • Is the stand-alone at all related to your series or is it in a whole different world?

    • No, it’s set in current times, COVID. Follows a single mom as she struggles to make it. No knight in shining armor saving her, she’s going to do it all herself with God's help. It’s called Grit. I want it to be more realistic.

  • Dang, that is hard-hitting. Where do you draw inspiration from?

    • This was from a writing prompt on Twitter, the first paragraph and then I ran with it. I’m not a romance reader bc it kinda annoys me that black women are too often portrayed as sex symbols in the hood, needing to be rescued by men. My MC works in a hospital and things just didn’t work out like she planned. But that’s life.

  • That's amazing. Are any of your other main characters strong females?

    • There are several in my current series, and also no romance :) lol There are a few evil female characters, and Alrics sister is key in the second and third book.

  • Is there a reason why you stay away from romance?

    • My sisters would say I’m jaded
      I don’t even like romance movies, it’s all just so unrealistic
      I love fairy tale retelling and historical fiction. And it’s not ALL romance, I like westerns romance. Classic and mannerly. Men are manly, women are genteel and treated with love and respect. I also read a lot of Christian fiction.

  • What genre does your work fall into?

    • Fantasy

  • YA or New Adult

    • Labeled Christian fantasy on Amazon

  • So tell me a little about your spirituality and your walk with God. I've not yet interviewed anyone in this field. 

    • Sure! I am a Christian, my father is my pastor so I was raised In The church. I get my writing inspiration from God I really just try to live my life in a way that will honor Him, whether that is in my writing or everyday life

  • And what does that mean to you? Because i know that varies from human to human 

    • Lol that’s true, I read my bible daily and do devotionals, I keep His desires for my life ahead of my own. Anything I do I try to do with love. I listen for His voice leading me in decision making. I worship Him when I sing, praise Him with my gifts. He is my compass.

    • Still, sometimes I fail and so it’s constantly trying to do better tomorrow 

  • How long have you walked this path?

    • I was technically born into it as my father is a pastor, but it became personal for me about 10yrs ago

  • What changed for you 10 years ago?

    • I moved out on my own and quickly got married. Both thrust me into adulthood unprepared for reality. I came to a point where God was all I had and found out all I needed was in Him. Sometimes you have to hit rock bottom.

  • So, what specifically inspired you to rise out of the bottom to get to where you are now?

    • I needed peace and direction. I found both in Christ. Slowly my faith grew and my trust grew, both allowed me to hear His voice clearer. So when I was looking for a new job, a school for my daughter, or just my next move in life, I listen for his voice and move forward. He hasn’t led me wrong So far

  • And where do you see yourself in 5 years as far as your writing career as well as other aspects of your life?

    • I see myself having finished this trilogy, a children’s book, a stand-alone woman’s fiction book. Hopefully, I will have one more child and be a homeowner.

  • How old is your baby now?

    • No babies here, she’ll be 8 next month

  • She'll always be your baby :3 lol

    • Definitely

  • I've interviewed a lot of mama-bears recently, what's your favorite part about motherhood?

    • Seeing the world through her eyes, her perspective it’s completely opposite to mine. And it’s interesting watching her figure stuff out

  • Did you always want to be a mama bear?

    • I always wanted children, pictures myself having a boy first though

  • Why's that?

    • Big brothers protect, sisters do too but in a different way.

  • That makes sense. I grew up as an only child lol so I never got to have that. Do you come from a big family?

    • I have an older and younger sister and a younger brother. I have TONS of cousins though, my mom has 13 brothers and sisters. My dad has 2 sisters and a brother, we are a very close-knit family
      Which is also why I want to have at least one more child, she is very close to her cousins but in this pandemic she’s been alone with us and it’s been hard for her.

  • Oh yeah. Kids are taking the hardest blow with all of this. What have you been doing to get around that? :(

    • Initially we played a lot of games, she FaceTimed them and played on various games. We have been able to visit my parents and one cousin which has helped. But it’s not the same, and who knows if it ever will be.

  • Things where I'm at are mostly semi-normal, so I gotta ask - is she going back to school anytime soon? Do you still have church to go to in these times? :'(

    • We do attend online services and she is doing remote classes.

  • Golly. Such a strange time. How are YOU holding up through all of it? And what is it like watching this craziness through the eyes of your daughter?

    • It’s been rough, I’ve been out of work since about March. She understands it’s a virus and that a lot of people get sick and die but I don’t think she fully grasps how bad it is or can be. All she knows fully is that it’s keeping her from her friends. It saddens me. She is missing out on parts of her childhood that she won’t get back. The trips and parties she hadn’t been able to take this summer. Her birthday is in a few weeks and it will be vastly different from the last one.

  • Gosh. So heartbreaking. How have you been utilizing your time since being out of work?

    • My books have been my silver lining for sure. Learning to market them and myself.

  • Did you go straight to indie publishing or did you try traditional first?

    • I did send a few queries out but went straight to self-publishing. I had received a conditional contract for my children’s book from a traditional contract but I did not like the terms. It solidified my decision. Maybe one day I’ll get picked up by a publishing house but I’m content how I’m doing for now.

  • If you can get a hold of the reigns it's actually a better paying gig to be indie (eventually :3 I haven't gotten anywhere near there yet xD)

    • That’s my goal! I’m trying to get there :]

  • Normally I am the one receiving resources, but this one is killer, it really helped me feel like it's not an impossible mountain to climb ~>

    • Awesome thanks! Hopefully, I get my children’s book done in the next few months.

  • What is that about?

    • Obedience, how important it is for children to listen

  • Oh, that's fantastic! What needs to be done for it to be finished

    • The artist I used for the illustrations didn’t make the cover, error of communication on my part. I’m waiting for her to send me the psd files so my sister can create it using the same characters. If I can't not obtain those, we will come up with a different idea for the cover. Then It’s just formatting and Copywrite.

  • Do you do your own copywriting?

    • Yes, mail to myself and the library of Congress

  • I didn't know that was a thing one could do! Lol. Do you also do the writing for your book descriptions?

    • Yes, I do.

  • Do you ever find that more challenging than writing the stories?

    • I did, it took a lot of trial and error. Smooshing the whole plot into a few short sentences and hoping you pique the interest of people.
      I’ve changed it several times

  • Heeheehee. I feel ya. Have you learned anything that could help other writers with that?

    • Lol, I really wish I could say yes, but nope. I think I’ll do better with my second and third but it’s still hard

  • Well hey, knowing that it is a difficult process is comforting in and of itself

    • Yes I’m more prepared and accepting of the delete button lol

  • Heeheehee ;D What else have you learned on your journey so far?

    • To go at my own pace, to invest in good editing. To trust my instincts and be my own brand. To have fun and try not to compare myself with other writers. To not check reviews and sales every day xD

  • Nicole, you have been an absolute delight. To wrap up, do you have any words of wisdom for anyone having trouble finding the bright side during this dark time?

    • Pray every day, talk to family often. Breath deeply, unplug when necessary. Read a book or write a book ;] find something that you find joy in, that will recharge you and do it.
      Thank you so much for talking with me :) I’ve enjoyed it as well

  • Absolutely Goddess! I love connecting with new people and sharing it with the world.How can our readers stay connected with your incredible journey? <3

    • I’m most active here on IG, but I also have a Twitter and FB with the same handle :) @nicolepatricet

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