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Changing the World by Eirian Naomi Omid


I'd love to change the world.


It's not just a popular song released by Ten Years After in the 70's, it's something that I've decided about myself after much soul searching ten years after my darkest days.


But why?


Countless others have done it. Rosa Parks did it. Etta James and Aretha Franklin did it. Golly, even Nicki Minaj did it.


So why do I also feel compelled to make a mark on this magical, little, water covered rock that we live on? If countless others have done it, isn't the work to be done already complete?


Ask any cook, the work to be done is never complete. The only constant in life is change. New revolutions crop up every day, just as our little blue rock is constantly revolving in space.


A “revolution” is merely a turning point.


Growing up, my parents instilled the thought of greatness within me not only by encouraging my curiosities, but by showing me what others could do. Even if it hadn't been taught in school, I probably still would have learned about the civil rights movements - slaves gaining freedom, women fighting for power, segregation disintegrating - all beautiful, powerful, history changing events because people found the strength within themselves to speak out, fight back, and overcome all odds. Many died, even more were injured, but they persevered and altered life as we know it.






No matter what darkness I face, or heal from, in my weakest moments I take a second to focus on the fact that those before me were just basic players at the start, and overcame far harsher circumstances than I've seen, with mere willpower. So I can do it too.



My goal is simple....



I want to give at least one person the hope, and the strength to carry on through what they're going through, because once your boat passes to the other side of that storm, and you escape it, life is beautiful.


So my new “fight” is persevering, and pushing forward so that at least one person is positively affected, and adapts a healthier, more determined attitude in the face of adversity.


Billions would be nice, but one would be enough.


As a teen, reading was my escape, and even though most of the material contained a disturbing topic, I truly preferred the strange, dark tales that ended with a cheery twist. These stories kept me alive because they reminded me that storms are temporary, and when you survive, you emerge as a stronger person.


Now, I feel like it's time to return the favor.


Because anyone can change the world. Everyone changes the world everyday with the trillions of interactions we share.


And even if I don't succeed, at least I tried...


Because, I want to follow in the footsteps of those before me, and change the world.


Positively impacting billions would be phenomenal, but impacting one would be enough.

So, Goddess, how do you want to change the world?

Drop a comment below!

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