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Melika - A Voice to be Heard


Melika is an incredibly strong Goddess, doing a lot for her community. This is her bio:

I’m a 27-year-old teacher. I also work as a private social worker, gym trainer, translator, and editor. I love writing because it gives me chance to live somewhere outside of the reality. It gives me a chance to create my own world. I believe in all religions. And think they all say the same thing.

  • Are you planning on publishing your work?

    • I do, I have a few university published works. Short stories.
      But I still haven’t gone for the big publish. There are two novels I’m working on right now, so whichever gets finished early I’ll try

  • Are you hoping for traditional publishing or would you consider the indie route?

    • Most probable traditional

  • Why is that?

    • I don’t know, handling it all myself would be a little hard

  • That's true. It is a thrill ride that no one warns you about. Have you started researching traditional publishing yet?

    • Not yet. Cause all my work is in English, and I can’t do it in my country. In order to have the right to publish my work without censorship, I have to move and I can’t do that until at-least  another day.

  • Where are you at Goddess?

    • I live in Persia :)

  • Oh wow! That's incredible. Are you willing to share what you write about?

    • Mostly love stories And fiction. But here I just write anything that comes into my mind

  • What do you teach? 

    • English

  • Oh cool. That makes sense, lol. How long have you been doing that?

    • Almost 10 years

  • What made you want to go that route?

    • I’ve always wanted to be a teacher.
      I love kids and teenagers and just teaching in general.

  • Oh my gosh [that's incredible]. So how do you have time to teach, train AND do social work? That's quite the buffet of things to do!

    • I sorta only go home to sleep lol.
      And plus, the teaching is now online
      So it’s not so time-consuming.

  • Hahaha how much do you sleep?? I have a hard time balancing 3 things, I can't imagine taking on more! 

    • 7 to 8 hours
      Sometimes 4, to 5
      Some weekends I just go on hibernation!

  • Heeheehee at least you have a system. What kind of personal training do you do?

    • Fitness

  • How long have you been doing that?

    • 5 years. :)

  • What got you into that world?

    • I don’t know really... I fell In love 

  • With fitness or a human? Lol

    • Hahaaaa! Human!
      Because of that, I think I slowly started to fall in love with fitness too

  • Awe that's sweet! Love is an excellent reason to better your life.

    • That love actually destroyed my life for 4 years xD it was one-sided and forbidden. However, it made me feel a lot of things that had never felt before
      And gave me an opportunity to write all I was feeling out

  • Ah, lol, we all have to go through that at some point. Unfortunate side effect of life I guess. How have you been managing your feelings and recovering from this since then

    • It’s beeeeen realllllllllllllllly hard!

    • I think it’s been actually about 6 months that I got my act together

  • Hey, you're doing better than some! What advice do you have for anyone coming out of a devastating relationship?

    • Just trust yourself, and know that you are the only person you’ll need in your life.

  • You're incredible. To wrap up this interview, do you have anything else to add about staying afloat in times of hardship, emotional or otherwise?

    • If one can, counseling can really help in many ways. But yet again, strength comes from the core of each of us. You just have to be in touch with your inner core and trust your gut. Cause you're the best doctor for you. I myself meditate a lot, which has helped me in many ways and has helped me to find my inner peace

  • Melika, your incredible. How can our readers support you and your inspirational journey

    • Thank you so much, this really means a lot. I guess for now just through my Instagram and my posts, till I find a safe platform, with freedom of speech so I can go further on my journey.

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