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A Letter to My Book, Breakout

Happy birthday Breakout!

I cannot believe how far you have come in the last 12 months.

I cannot believe how lucky we are to have such a supportive team willing to make this possible, from Guy Beats mastering the EP and Elise Thornback helping with developmental edits, to KiKI helping with the music video shoots and Adrianne Tachera redesigning the cover.

You are very loved and cherished. (Though not a favorite child, so don’t go getting an ego 😉)

You are the book that helped shape me as a creator of worlds, the book that helped give my voice life, and the book that is so innovative, I’m still not sure the general public gets it.

Thank you, Breakout, for being an upstanding and outstanding piece of artwork.

Happy birthday.

I am very excited to see your series grow so that in the years to come, your birthday does not have to be celebrated alone and you will have an entire family of other PNK KanD books to share milestones with.

Until then, keep on shining like the bright shooting star you are.

I love you.



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