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What is “Sweatpant Drip” and Why is PNK KanD Making it a Thing?

My entire life there has been one trope of what is sexy in the hip hop industry: the nearly naked sex goddess.

And, yes, we have seen our fair share of hotties in modest attire, but most of the time, they aren’t talked about as “sexy,” they’re commended for other things.

Meanwhile, my entire life I have always felt sexy in attire not typically associated with sexual desires in any kind of industry.

Flo Rida got close with the 2007 hit single “Low” featuring T-Pain describing one of the hotties in the club wearing “baggy sweatpants and the Reebok’s with the strap,” but we’ve never actually gotten a hip hop queen who prides herself as a sex symbol while wearing comfortable clothes, and being sexy for wearing comfy clothing.

PNK KanD may be a fictional character, but she’s the only tool I’ve got when it comes to putting in my two cents about how women are viewed in society.

To put it simply, “Sweatpant Drip” is KanD’s signature style… her sweatpants and hoodie ensemble that she is rarely seen without.

“Sweatpant Drip” originated as a response to a traumatic incident KanD endured as a teenager, and the older she got, the more comfortable she felt in her particular style, turning it into a brand.

Sweatpant Drip is when you intentionally dress like it’s laundry day and look soooo good doing it.

It seemed an important flavor to add to the current cultural landscape, and I really hope it sticks.


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Jill McIntyre
Jill McIntyre
Mar 19

"Intentionally dress like it's laundry day and look sooo good doing it.". Yes!!!! I need to incorporate more sweatpants drip style too ♥️

Replying to

YAASSS!!! I truly believe every goddess needs to 😌

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